Other Areas

While our site provides in-depth information about our primary practice areas, we have entertained matters in various other fields as our docket and experience allows. In the past, we have worked on real estate claims, human resources disputes, and other more unique claims, such as defense of a court martial proceeding. Our attorneys have also served as counsel on both sides of arbitration proceedings, advocating for our clients’ positions and presenting evidence to support such positions. In addition to advocating for our clients in an initial proceeding, we may be able to assist a party in enforcing a mandatory arbitration clause that has been ignored. Further, in conjunction with our collections practice, we may be able to assist our clients in converting arbitration awards into Virginia judgments, which may then be enforced through Virginia's statutory creditors' remedies. As the engineering of man and the scope of litigation increase, more areas will be subject to litigation. If you have an unusual claim, or one that you do not see directly addressed on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us!