Simple Justice: Why is Justice so Expensive?

Sometimes one of our clients will talk to me about the simplicity of his or her case. My client explains to me how simple and obvious this case is! And yet the case soldiers on and on and on. The question arises time after time: “My case is so simple, and justice is on my side! Why is this continuing on, and why must I pay so much for it?”

Child Support FAQs

One of the most important issues surrounding divorce or the separation of spouses concerns the support of the parties’ children. Courts in Virginia recognize both the common-law and statutory obligations that are imposed upon parents to ensure that their children are properly provided for where the parties are separated or divorced.

Custody FAQ Sheet

Of all the issues that can arise in a Family Law case, custody is one of the most emotionally difficult; no loving parent wishes to be separated from their child or to be absent from their day-to-day life. In addition, practical problems regarding visitation of children, major life decisions and financial responsibility for children make this one of the most serious issues surrounding separation and divorce.

Small Business Resources

Making the initial decision to start a business is a quick and “easy” one – what comes next is the hard part, as you will face an overwhelming number of choices and decisions as you progress through creating, establishing, and maintaining your business. Below, you will find a number of resources that we hope will assist you in navigating the uncertain and oftentimes confusing world of small business formation and management.